Kwas B.A.

My bachelor thesis is focused on designing the corporate identity for Kwas, a traditional Ukrainian drink made from bread by fermentation. I noticed that the word “Kwas” is pronounced differently in different languages and decided to use this as a basis for my design. I chose four colors and flavors – yellow for lemon, green for mint, red for pomegranate, and blue for blueberry – and matched each with a different spelling and pronunciation of the word Kwas. The labels for the cube-shaped bottles are divided into four parts, with each side featuring one letter of the name and a portion of an illustration that can be combined with the other bottles to form a complete word or image. I used Cinema 4D to design the bottle and then 3D printed it to bring my vision to life. The design of the bottle in cube shape includes a deepened opening for comfortable drinking and a recess at the bottom of the bottle to enable easy stacking of multiple bottles.

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